Vertigo – a live electronics journey

This was the third edition of the Adapter Collective´s experimental audio/video project. Each edition a number of live electronica artists are linked to an equal number of video artists. This allows for one-off, mainly improvised a/v-performances unique to this particular night.

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Live a/v:
Global Goon (Rephlex, J-Hok, WéMé, Planet Mu)
Visuals by Pixybox Visual Projects

Aleksi Perala aka Ovuca/Astrobotnia (Rephlex)
Visuals by 00:00:01s

MuRas (Adapter)
Visuals by Vanja von Sek

Autonomatix (Adapter)
Visuals by Sjush

Psiox (Adapter)

Date: 09 June 2012
Time: 21:00 – 02:00
Place: TAC, Eindhoven
Price: € 5,-

Global Goon (UK)
Labels: Rephlex/J-HOK/ Planet Mu / We Me

Global Goon is a former programmer who earned a recording contract after moving to London and rooming with Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) for a time. He released his first album Goon on Rephlex in 1996. Rumors that Goon actually was Aphex Twin persisted even after the release of Cradle of History 2 years later.
After releasing Vatican Nitez in 2002, he left the Rephlex label and started releasing his albums on his own label J-HOK records, as well as upitup, Audio Dregs and WeMe.

Jonathan Taylor, the real life manifestation behind the Global Goon remains a unique sound in the world of acid laden electronica. From slow tempo playful headspace pieces to bigger, dancefloor aimed jams, Goon knows how to play all sides of the IDM fence.

Taylor has also released 5 acid records under the alias Syntheme on both Planet-Mu and WéMè between 2007 & 2009.

Listen: SoundCloud

Pixybox Visual projects

PixyBox Visual Projects is an initiative of Vj Racheal-B and was born out of her interest in video and motion graphics. Racheal-B was first introduced to the making of visual art at the Academie voor Popcultuur and has been making visuals ever since, performing live under numerous names. PixyBox’s distinctive abstract video jockey style combines custom-made material with animation and real life footage mixed at times with iconic popculture imagery.

Look: YouTube

Aleksi Perala (aka Ovuca/Astrobotnia)(FI)
Label: Rephlex Records

Born in Finland in 1976, Aleksi Perala has been an independent producer and a prolific electronic music composer for over 20 years.
His first release on Rephlex Records was under the pseudonym Ovuca in 1999. Since then, he has released numerous EPs, albums and compilation tracks under a number of different aliases on the label.

In 2005 as part of a 3 year study Music Technology, Aleksi took several months work placement at the University of Helsinki, Department of Musicology. These 3 years were fundamental in allowing him to create a newer more accomplished sound based on electro-acoustics and the physics of sound.
The albums Project V (07), Boom Blaster (09) and Mental Union (09) are the reflections of these advancements [Boom Blaster contains his first Hertz frequency mathematics and sine wave based track called ‘The Moon’, followed by similar experiments in Mental Union].

With this personal development, Aleksi took the decision to drop his previous pseudonyms and he now uses his own name for his releases.

His output can be described as classic Rephlex territory – beautifully produced Aphex variations that lean on the side of warm, padded basslines, emotive melodies and propulsive arrangements that sit somewhere between acid, IDM, electro and classic soundtrack music.
They are a natural progression from the familiar sounds of Ovuca and Astrobotnia but with his newer, maybe more mature perspective.



Oneseconds is a multimedia collective of three artists; Thorsten Alofs, Jochem Hees and Sebastian Kox. They develop their own tools to use realtime video as their input source. The realtime video is captured by their cameraman whom they consciously show or not show to the public. In this way they control the expectations the audience has while watching the visuals. “We will let the audience experience the full potential video has to offer.”

Look: Vimeo

Label: Adapter Records

MuRas is Pjotr Bos’ electronic music project. Fascinated by sound, MuRas started with sound design generated by a simple synthesizer. Later on this developed into experimental electronic music which meant a more recognizable structure that prevents the listeners from drowning in the swamp of sound.

Listen: SoundCloud

Vanja von Sek (BR)

Vanja von Sek is a brazilian photographer, visual artist and designer.
She studied video and photography arts in Brazil, Direction of Actors in Cuba and now is a master student of Digital Cultures at the Utrecht School Of Arts.


Label: Adapter Records

With roots deep in the Eindhoven underground scene, Adapter member Mitchell Oleana aka Autonomatix likes to create his sound intuitively and in complete freedom. In his live performances he strives to take the listener to an alternate reality. The weightless world where ideas and dreams take form.

Listen: SoundCloud


Sjush is Suzanne van Dongen, a young visual artist who graduated from the HKU who likes to play and experiment with a combination of sound and vision, focused on video design and live visual performances.
In her work she combine´s video, light and installation art to create experiences that not only show her concepts and thoughts but also make the viewer aware of the way we, as human beings, construct our own reality.